How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Training Platform [Video]

By: Dawn Lang Virtual training is more effective when it is engaging and interactive. Don’t let your platform’s lack of tools discourage you from creating an interactive virtual training experience. Utilize your creativity to leverage the tools that are available to you. If you would like to learn more about how to design, deliver, or produce virtual […]

The True Definition of Virtual Classroom Training [Video]

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Melissa Satterfield discusses how virtual classroom training differs from other online events like video conferencing and webinars. Virtual classroom training is an interactive learning event for skill building and/or on-the-job behavior change. You usually have no more than 15 participants, and sessions consists of all three phases of instruction. If you would like to learn […]

4 Tips for Becoming an Effective Virtual Classroom Facilitator [Video]

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an effective virtual classroom facilitator? Here are 4 tips to keep you on top of your game! It’s important to engage your remote audience, be able to effectively multitask, be tech-savvy or at least willing to learn, and read your audience. Of course, this is just […]

Guidelines for Converting Existing Instructor-led Training to the Virtual Classroom [Video]

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

When converting your existing instructor-led training to the virtual classroom, keep these guidelines in mind. If you’re interested in learning about how to determine the suitability of a course for conversion, audit the instructor-led training content, adapt existing methods to the virtual classroom, and select the most powerful tools to make the content interactive and […]

Quick Tips for Facilitating your First Virtual Session [Video]

By: Langevin Team

Here are a couple of quick tips to get you ready to facilitate your first virtual training session. We recommend you use a hands-free headset, have your favorite beverage close by, and turn on your computer and log into your virtual platform at least 30 minutes before your session starts.  Attend The Virtual Trainer to […]

The Prepared Producer [Video]

By: Langevin Team

With the current need to rely on virtual classroom courses as the go-to training strategy, a second set of hands is critical during course delivery. Including a producer as part of your facilitation team is essential to ensure the training is as hands-on and performance-based as possible. This video shows you everything a virtual classroom […]

Best Practices for Virtual Classroom Training [Video]

By: Langevin Team

Forced to consider other training options now that travel has been restricted? Check out our video to ensure you’re adhering to industry best practices when moving to a virtual classroom environment. Best practices are established to assist an organization in following a set of guidelines that address common issues. Once established, best practices can be […]

3 Tips for Virtual Classroom Facilitators [Video]

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Here is our master trainer, Melissa Satterfield, sharing three tips for virtual classroom trainers. Melissa discusses how important it is to engage your learners every 3-5 minutes when conducting training in the virtual classroom. It’s also important to vary your rate of speech, aim for 140-175 words per minute. Lastly, you’ll want to smile when […]

4 Strategies for Coping with Challenging Behaviors in the Virtual Classroom [Video]

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Here are 4 strategies to help you cope with challenging behaviours in the virtual classroom. If you would like to learn more on how to design, deliver, or produce virtual classroom training, check out our live online workshops.

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