5 Steps to Develop a Promotional Action Plan for Your Training

By: Marsha Weisleder

When you think about it, we, as trainers, have a lot in common with people who work in advertising. We’re both trying to reach an audience, convey a message and, ultimately, change behavior. Now, those clever people in advertising know that most people don’t want what they have to offer. Think about it. Do you […]

15 Competencies All Training Managers Should Consider When Hiring a New Instructor [Video]

By: Beth Brashear

If you’re a training manager looking to add a new instructor to your team, make sure to take these 15 competencies into consideration and include them in your behavioral interview questions. If you would like to take your training department to a higher level of performance, attend The Successful Training Manager workshop. 

How to Conduct Meaningful Level 2 Evaluations 2020

By: Langevin Team

Image by: Free-Photos from Pixabay  Are you evaluating your training programs at all levels? Back in 1959, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick developed the “4 Levels of Evaluation” and it is still the most widely used model to this day. Here are the four levels:  Level 1: Reaction – How did learners like the course?  Level 2: Learning – Did learners acquire new knowledge and skills?  Level 3: Behavior – Did learners apply new knowledge and […]

Top 10 Tips to Transfer New Skills on the Job

By: Marsha Weisleder

Photo by: fauxels via Pexels  If you work in training, you are part of an esteemed group. You’re helpful, friendly, supportive, and care about others. You take the time to design performance-based workshops and deliver them with passion and enthusiasm. Your ultimate goal is to provide innovative and useful training materials that will improve employee […]

Top 3 “All the Basics and More” Workshops for New Trainers

By: Beth Brashear

Photo by: fauxels via Pexels When I first started in training in 2005, I didn’t have any formal training. Thankfully, I had some great coaches and mentors along the way, but it wasn’t until I attended my first Langevin workshop many years later that I realized there was a lot I didn’t know about the […]

For the Trainer Who Juggles It All

By: Beth Brashear

Photo by: Theodor Moise via Pixabay Juggling requires skill, coordination, balance, timing, and focus. If one of these is off, the juggler will most certainly drop a ball or two (let’s just hope it’s not a flaming sword or a bowling ball!). Being a trainer who is responsible for all training-related tasks is a lot […]

How to Deliver a Professional Presentation

By: Steve Flanagan

Photo by: ThisIsEngineering via Pexels  Have you ever been asked to deliver a presentation for senior management, a project team, or at a community event or meeting? What steps did you take to ensure a successful, well thought out presentation that met the specific needs of your audience? A lot goes into the planning and […]

Checklist of 5 Key Items for a Successful Training Session 2020

By: Langevin Team

We have so many passwords to remember for all the various websites we use these days—I’ve found my mind exploding trying to retain them all! To make it easier, I’ve pledged to make a master list of all my passwords, so I’ll never forget them. I also think, as professional corporate trainers, it’s a good […]

10 Ways to Make Learning Easier

By: Langevin Team

Photo by: Anna Shvets via Pexels Have you ever applied for a home loan or refinanced your existing home loan? If you have, you know that it can be a long, tedious, and frustrating process. Often there’s too much time spent on the process, an abundance of paperwork to sign, too many fees, and there […]

The 5 “W’s” of Using Review Techniques in Training 2020

By: Dawn Lang

As a Langevin Course Leader, I want all our workshop participants to get the most out of the training they attend with us. That’s why using creative and memorable review activities during the courses we teach, is so essential! These activities help learners store and retrieve information, especially after they leave the training session.

7 Strategies for Active Listening in Your Training Sessions

By: Dawn Lang

Source: Pixababy I’m a big believer in the power of active listening. It can impact every aspect of your life, both professionally and personally. As a trainer, I’m constantly working on this skill. It’s become even more magnified as I continue to deliver more sessions in the virtual classroom. Yes, it’s one of the criteria […]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Training Room Layout 2020

By: Langevin Team

Photo by: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay You’ve spent countless hours poring over your course content. You’ve searched the deepest corners of the internet to find creative icebreakers and brainteasers. Perhaps, you’ve even spent late night hours crafting visual aids that will be incorporated into the session. It seems like you’ve done everything possible to make your course a success.  So, don’t let your hard work be in vain by delivering training in a […]

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