How to Weave the Adult Learning Principles into Your Virtual Training

By: Dawn Lang

Photo by: B-roll via Canva I’m often asked how to build the adult learning principles into a live online event. I love hearing this question! Just because we’re delivering content differently, doesn’t mean we should forget about the best practices we know make a difference for our learners! Here are a few ways to weave […]

How to Handle Virtual Classroom Glitches

By: Isobel Adams

Photo by: dem10 via Canva “What could go wrong?” they asked. “It’ll go fine!” they said. But you know differently. It’s virtual training…on a computer…over the internet. Literally anything can go wrong. Reality is, you can’t completely avoid glitches when training in the virtual classroom. Between the technology and human factors, something is bound to […]

How to Build Simultaneous Interaction into Your Virtual Sessions

By: Marsha Weisleder

Photo by: Fizkes via Canva One of my favorite things about the virtual classroom is how simple it is to get everyone engaged at the same time. We call this technique simultaneous interaction. It allows the facilitator to obtain input/feedback from all participants at the same time, without it being overwhelming, chaotic, or time-consuming. Depending […]

Key Steps to Introduce a Course in the Virtual Classroom

By: Meghan Harper

Photo by: Fortyforks via Canva Here we are, folks. It’s early in 2021, following a very long 2020. Times have been tough, and it seems like just about everything is out of our control. How have you coped? I bet you can find out by taking a quick scroll-stroll through your Instagram Explore feed. Though […]

Top 5 Tasks of a Virtual Classroom Producer

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Photo by: AndreyPopov via Canva I live in Los Angeles, where the term “producer” is used often and usually has something to do with film or TV. According to “,” the responsibility of a movie producer is to make sure an appealing, high-quality movie is produced on time and within budget. The producer supervises and […]

8 Tips to Rock the Virtual Classroom!

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Photo by: Hiraman via Canva Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, many training facilitators have been forced to pivot. Pre-pandemic, many of us taught a full schedule of instructor-led courses. But due to closures and stay-at-home orders, most in-person courses have been canceled or postponed. Travel restrictions, budget cuts, and a remote workforce have led […]

Silence is Golden in the Virtual Classroom

By: Dawn Lang

Photo by: Sophie Walster via Canva Have you heard the saying, “Silence is golden?” In the virtual classroom, it’s easy to forget this idea because silence can be somewhat unnerving. You might be tempted to chatter away to fill that dead air. When I facilitate virtual classroom sessions, there are a few situations in which […]

5 Common Virtual Classroom Design Constraints

By: Melissa Grey Satterfield

Photo by: fancycrave1 via Pixabay If you’ve ever attended Langevin’s Instructional Design for New Designers workshop, you know that early in the design cycle we cover project planning. At this stage in the process, we’re looking to identify potential design constraints and determine the timing parameters for our proposed design project. In an ideal world, […]

How to Set Your Virtual Classroom Facilitators Up for Success

By: Steve Flanagan

A meaningful, engaging, and successful virtual classroom (VC) experience doesn’t happen by accident. A successful VC program requires careful planning, as well as a facilitator that is set up for success. Here are five ways to set your virtual classroom facilitators up for success: The VC program must be well designed, following both instructional design […]

Virtual Welcoming Committee: How to Ensure a Successful Start to an Online Session

By: Isobel Adams

Photo by: Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent via Pexels We’ve all been there; sitting in virtual purgatory while waiting for that online training session or meeting to begin. If you’re lucky, there’s some on-hold music. If you’re not, there’s that distracting, click-clacking sound of another participant’s keyboard flowing over their unmuted mic. You breathe deeply, look at the […]

What a Global Pandemic has Taught Me About Virtual Classroom Training – Part 2

By: Sana Rahim

Happy November, everyone! Fall is in full swing and I hope it finds you well. Autumn is a time of transition, typically associated with new beginnings. So, for everyone who has been easing into a new virtual classroom (VC) career, I hope to help make that transition smoother with three tips for VC producers. This […]

How a Blended Learning Solution Can Help Overcome Design Constraints

By: Karen Car

Photo by: Lauren Mancke via Unsplash Constraints. Every instructional designer must deal with them. Our Product Development team here at Langevin was faced with several challenging constraints when we were tasked with converting one of our longest running traditional instructor-led training (ILT) programs to a virtual classroom workshop. The global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 meant clients […]

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