• Gather data about expected performance.
  • Gather data about actual performance.
  • Define the performance problem or opportunity.
  • Analyze job performance.
  • Determine causes of job performance problems.
  • Recommend training solutions.
  • Calculate cost-benefit of training.
  • Write a training needs analysis (TNA) proposal.

Technical Requirements

What You Will Learn


  • A complete step-by-step needs analysis process.
  • When not to do a needs analysis.
  • Where to start.
  • Common errors to avoid.
  • Key questions to ask at the start of every needs analysis.
  • systematic needs analysis worksheet.
  • How to avoid unnecessary training.

Data Collection

  • The 7 most common data collection techniques.
  • How to design effective surveys.
  • Types of interviews.
  • How to plan and conduct an interview.
  • Guidelines for measuring and observing employee performance.
  • How to handle a request for training.

Performance Analysis

  • simple 5-step performance analysis approach.
  • 7 major causes of performance problems.
  • A highly effective checklist for isolating the cause.
  • 4 effective techniques for confirming the cause.
  • When to train (and when not to).
  • Non-training solutions for non-training issues.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • How to prove that training is valuable.
  • The true cost of training.
  • The true cost of not training.
  • Where to find data on the benefits of your training.
  • quick method of estimating cost-benefits.
  • How to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of training.
  • Guidelines for writing a training proposal/report to management.
  • How to gain acceptance for your recommendations.


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