The New Trainer’s Survival Kit includes the following items:

New Trainer’s Survival Guide

New Trainers Survival Guide
This comprehensive, step-by-step guide is full of practical, ready-to-use tips and techniques for the new trainer.

Learn how to:

  • Analyze training needs.
  • Design performance-based courses.
  • Deliver interactive training.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your courses.

55 Creative Tools for Trainers

55 Creative Tools for Trainers
This book is loaded with 55 creative training tools and techniques to make your courses lively and memorable and is guaranteed to transform your training into enjoyable, interactive experiences.

Learn how to apply creative techniques to:

  • Build and maintain a good rapport with learners.
  • Facilitate communication.
  • Emphasize key learning points.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Relieve learner anxiety.

Ralph’s Favorite Puzzles & Brainteasers

Ralphs Favorite Puzzles and Brainteasers
There are all kinds of puzzles available: some are simple and fun, others time-consuming and challenging, and a few which are downright frustrating!  At Langevin, we know brainteasers and trivia are effective and popular with adult learners.

Learn how to use them to:

  • Engage learners in training.
  • Create opportunities for learners to work with each other.
  • Re-energize learners.

Our learners rave so much about our puzzles and brainteasers, that Ralph Langevin has personally selected his favorite ones from our workshops and combined them into a book that is sure to be your favorite too!  Your learners will love them as much as our learners do, but maybe not quite as much as Ralph!!!

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What You Will Learn

The Fundamentals of Training

  • Your true role as a trainer.
  • The core competencies of a trainer.
  • How to assess your strengths and areas of improvement.
  • 8 proven training strategies.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of traditional training strategies.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning strategies.
  • How to select the best strategy for a course.
  • How to use a blended learning approach.
  • The 7 principles of adult learning.
  • How to address various learning styles.
  • A guide to adult learning theories and models.
  • A dictionary of over 700 training terms.


  • How to determine if training is really needed.
  • A quick, consultative needs analysis process.
  • The key questions to ask when determining a training need.
  • The 7 factors of job performance.
  • An effective performance analysis tool.
  • What is nice to know about your learners.
  • What you need to know about your learners.
  • The 3 types of training content.
  • foolproof method for determining course content.
  • 10 proven techniques for working with subject-matter experts.
  • A technique for estimating how long it will take to create a course.


  • A 12-step Design Cycle that will simplify and speed up your design process.
  • How to write objectives quickly and easily.
  • How to design effective tests and practice exercises.
  • The 3 phases of successful training.
  • A glossary of 50 instructional methods.
  • How to incorporate a variety of methods.
  • How to select the best instructional methods.
  • The 6-step learning strategy for structuring a course.
  • How to create easy-to-update course materials.
  • How to design an instructor-friendly lesson plan.
  • A complete lesson plan example.


  • How to deal with trainer anxiety.
  • A proven process for teaching a lesson.
  • How to start a course with high impact.
  • 15 tips for setting up a classroom strategically.
  • Over 130 tips for applying the principles of adult learning.
  • How to manage group dynamics.
  • Increasing learners’ attention span.
  • How to build group cohesiveness.
  • The dos and don’ts of encouraging healthy competition.
  • How to manage instructional time efficiently.
  • How to provide meaningful feedback.
  • The simple truth about motivating learners.
  • 10 easy methods for encouraging participation and involvement.
  • How to add fun and excitement to your training.
  • Effective review and summary techniques.
  • How to promote the transfer of new skills to the job.
  • More than 25 tips to improve your communication skills.
  • Dozens of techniques for using visual aids.
  • 20 tips for handling the “too much content, not enough time” dilemma.
  • 10 tips for dealing with life on the road.
  • Easy-to-use checklists to assess your performance.
  • How to deal with problem learners before they get out of hand.


  • The ideal way to validate a course.
  • The realistic way you will likely have to do it.
  • The key questions to ask when validating a course.
  • The widely-recognized 4 levels of evaluation.
  • A checklist to help you select the right evaluation instruments.
  • Sample evaluation forms.

Your Career Path

  • The benefits of Professional Trainer Certification.
  • A 4-phased approach to professional development.
  • Your own professional development plan.
  • How to stay current with industry news and standards.
  • Where to find resources to guide your training career.
  • Professional associations worth joining.

Creative Tools for Trainers

  • 15 proven icebreakers.
  • 12 invigorating energizers.
  • 11 memorable review methods.
  • 17 fun-filled techniques to accelerate learning.

Puzzles & Brainteasers

  • Hundreds of trivia puzzles based on popular culture.
  • Over 200 mind-bending brainteasers.


  • Upon purchase of this eBook, you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to the web-based components of the kit and all checklists, worksheets, and forms as job aids in Microsoft® Office Word template format.
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