How to Market Your Training

By: Marsha Weisleder

Photo by: Kerstin Riemer via Pixabay Do you know anyone who works in advertising? Typically, you’ll find really creative individuals who come up with catchy commercials and ads. The amazing thing is that we, as trainers, have a lot in common with them. You see, we both want to reach an audience, convey a message, and […]

How to Ensure the Training Department is Seen as a Partner or Resource

By: Beth Brashear

Source: Pixabay In an organization, the training department is often viewed as the “fun” department rather than a partner or resource for development. How is this image or reputation created? Often, it’s because people aren’t familiar with everything the department has to offer, or all the steps, processes, analysis, development, solutions, etc. that go into […]

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